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Picture Perfect Hair by Maiysha Johnson

100% Virgin Hair Care

This is Virgin hair so it has not been chemically processed in any way. We leave the hair pure and natural for you or your stylist to color. Here at PPH we will color hair using a natural cellophane color. Call for details.

The wefts are hand-tied, they will lay flat against the scalp to give you a more natural look, reducing bumps caused by bulky wefts. When cutting wefts you must apply "Fray Check" immediately, if you don't, you run the risk of the weft unraveling. "Fray Check" can be purchased at your local fabric store. Hand-tied wefts are better for weaving due to the small weft. It is very difficult to apply bonding glue, therefore its not recommended.


Shampooing/conditioning in the shower works best with a Sulfate-Free Shampoo. Lightly place head under shower than shampoo by working the lather from the roots to the ends, with a soft patting motion using the palm of your hands. Rinse thoroughly and condition in the same manner. When shampooing never go back and forth on the hair.

Never sleep with wet hair, and always pull hair back in a ponytail when sleeping. Use styling products in moderation due to the finest and texture of the hair. When using hot styling tools (flat irons, curling irons) check for proper temperature control to avoid burning hair, just as you would do your own natural hair.