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Picture Perfect Hair by Maiysha Johnson

Fusion Hair Care Maintenance

After Care instructions

Washing Your Extensions

1. Beginning at the ends of the hair, brush out any and all tangles. Work from the bottom, towards the crown.

2. Hair extensions are most easily shampooed in the shower. Wet hair thoroughly with warm water, place shampoo in the palm of your hands & stroke the entire strand from scalp to the ends. Never use circular motions, as this will cause hair to tangle. Always wash with your head tilted slightly back not forward (Note:Special fusion shampoo & conditioner is needed. If you have 100% Virgin Indian Remy Hair, a shampoo & conditioner for dry hair can be used).

3. Use hands to squeeze excess water from the hair. Place conditioner in palm of the hands & stroke downward. At this point you may comb through the hair with your fingers or a wide tooth comb to get rid of tangles. Your extensions will not come out of you get conditioner on them.

4. Rinse throughly with cooler water.

5. Pat hair dry with a towel or wrap with a towel. Do not rub, as this will cause tangles.

6. Heated dryers and hot weather will not affect fusion bonds, but please try to avoid direct heat from curling and flat irons on hot fusion extensions. Hair can be curled or flat ironed, just avoid direct heat on bonded area.

Styling Your Extensions

  1. Please use a boar bristle brush. This is a special brush intended for hair fusion extensions. Brushing hair frequently is recommended.

Before Bed

  1. Wrap your hair or put your hair in a loose braid or a few scrunchies, so the extensions do not tangle in the night before you go to bed. Place a silk or satin bonnet on top.

Note:Cold Fusion needs to be washed with a special fusion shampoo and conditioner just like Hot Fusion. Styling is much easier as micro-links are used to install instead of keratin glue. Cold Fusion is more flexible as it relates to styling and longevity.