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Picture Perfect Hair by Maiysha Johnson

Hair Facts

(F1) Hair grows on the average of about 1/2 inch per month. The actual rate 6" per year"

(F2) Hair is not alive but dead.

(F3) The life span or natural life cycle of a single hair strand is 2-6 years, and your scalp can shed as many as 60-100 hairs per day. Shedding is part of your hairs natural life cycle. The old root is pushed out to make way for a new one. Breaking occurs when the hair falls off at a weak point in the hair shaft.

(F4) The curl pattern in your hair is what determines dryness. Over 80% of the African American population has dry hair because of a tight curl pattern.

(F5) Cutting the hair has absolutely nothing to do with growth. Growth occurs inside the scalp at the roots. The hair you take off the ends is dead and logically has no effect on the roots!

(F6) Hair breaks because it is excessively dry or abused!

(F7) Hair is over 90% protein and there is no external product you can apply that will actually become part of your hair except another protein.

(F8) Common causes of breakage include (1) dyed hair that had been relaxed (2) attempting to relax a curl style (3) permanently curling relaxed hair (4) trying to color permanently curled hair.    

Source: Howse, C., Ultra Black Hair Growth II. Another 6" longer 1 year from now (2000 edition: Denver, CO UBH Publications, Inc., 2000 ), p.52-53, 55.