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Picture Perfect Hair by Maiysha Johnson

What's New @ PPH-

Whats new @ PPH gives you more insight and familiarizes you with new and current techniques being offered at PPH.

Featured technique PPH Braid-less Sew-In.

Beginning The PPH Braidless Sew-In Technique

The hair is parted where the wefted weave or extension hair will go. Next, a micro link is placed at the beginning where the weft will start. Hair is placed thru the micro link, and closed using special pliers. Usually the micro link used will match the color of the clients hair. For demonstration purposes I'm using blonde.

Creating The PPH Braidless Sew-In Foundation with Needle & Thread.

The foundation is then created using needle and thread. A second micro link is place at the opposite end where the wefted weave or extension hair will end.

Sewing Wefted Hair On Needle And Thread Foundation.

Wefted hair is then sewn onto the needle and thread foundation. This process is repeated until the desired look is achieved. This technique lays flat and is very sturdy. The pph braidless sew-in has been tested and can last 3 months, must be removed by a professional.